County Judge HM Davenport Seeking Re-Election

Navarro County Judge H. M. Davenport, Jr. today, Saturday November 13, 2021 officially announced and filed for re-election in 2022.

“It is an honor to serve the citizens of Navarro County and specially to represent them throughout Texas. Therefore, I’m announcing for re-election today.”

“This is a very busy, extremely multi-faceted job. But as I have always said: I love what I do, the people I work with, and I love Navarro County.”

“Our goal of striving for efficiency remains in our County Government.  We strive to not spend all our budgeted funds just because they are budgeted. This has continued to enable us to build up our fund balance to what the State recommends. AND we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our costs.”

“Our beautiful 116-year-old Restored Courthouse will last well into the future, and all the citizens of the County can be proud of it. We often have movie companies filming in the county and Corsicana, so when the script calls for courthouse scenes this courthouse is usually chosen. And those movie companies do spend money in Navarro County when they are here on food, gas, hotels and more!”

“I hope people see that my direction and attitude continues to be one of improving efficiency, friendliness, and good customer service. I know it’s frustrating to deal with certain slow governmental processes, but I don’t give up. In the near future we are planning improvements in parking for jury trials and employees. We must continue to plan for the future!”

“Judicially, County Court moves on with hearings and plea dockets and estate/ probate matters, as well as guardianship and mental patient matters, all scheduled as needed. We constantly push to get cases processed but legal matters simply take time. Plus dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic has added more complications to trials and hearings, but the tools the State has provided have increased our efficiency in handling many court matters, and that has been very helpful.”

“In addition to the judicial duties in County Court there are also the administrative duties with Commissioners Court”, Davenport added. “I can assure the taxpayers of Navarro County that we are all very conscientious in handling matter the best possible way. The working relationships within the Commissioners Court continues to be excellent. We, of course, differ in opinions from time to time regarding matters coming before the court, and we express those opinions, but I feel Commissioners staying informed of what is coming up gives them the opportunity to research and make sound, educated decisions in Commissioners Court, which is exactly what we are elected to do. 

Economic development has increased in bringing more businesses to Navarro County. In some cases, it has enabled us to keep existing businesses here and them expanding their business footprint and employee base. That is a positive we love!

Davenport concluded by stating “as long as the citizens of Navarro County have confidence in me to do the job, I will not give up on making every effort to create a better, more efficient county government. That has always been my goal, and continues to be my promise.”


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