Sign Ups Begin For Municipal and School Board Elections

Three Candidates for Municipal and School Board Elections have officially announced their intention to run for offices up for election.
Charles Dunnahoe is seeking consideration for City of Corsicana Councilperson, Precinct 2. Dunnahoe can be found working in his medical clinic in downtown Corsicana. In an exclusive interview, Dunnahoe gave his reasons for running for office, “I choose to run because I feel my past leadership positions and business opportunities have prepared me to not only help make changes but to also listen to the public’s concerns to make positive changes.”
Daylon Caldwell, a 2019 Corsicana High School Graduate, has decided to enter the world of politics beginning at a local level dear to his heart. He stated, “As a person who serves the community of Corsicana every day, I am a firm believer that our children are our future and I’m a prime example of that. I want to help make sure our teachers and students have every resource they need to make sure our future leaders have every opportunity to be successful in the classroom,. on the stage, on the field, court or track.”
Melissa Castillo, Deputy Director of Programs at VOICE for almost 13 years, states, “I have an immense passion to give back to my community especially by being a positive role model to the children and youth in our community. As a Rotarian, I proudly demonstrate service above self. For the last 12 ½ years, I am blessed to have a career at VOICE that aligns with my passion. I want to be part of the CISD board to make further contributions to my community.”
Signups for these offices will be open until February 18th.


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