Dabrett Black Defense Presentation Continues; Insanity Plea Details PTSD and Thyroid Issues

Dabrett Black, defendant, is accused of the murder of Texas State Trooper, Damon Allen on Thanksgiving 2017.

Testimony began on Monday in Brazos County for the man accused of murdering Damon Allen, a Texas State Trooper on Thanksgiving Day 2017.

Trooper Damon Allen, killed on duty on Thanksgiving Day 2017.

The trial was initially moved to Brazos County in 2019, when it was determined that a jury could not be chosen due to the insidious and extensive media coverage and the lack of available jurors in Freestone County.
The initial trial date was set for August 2020, but with the pandemic, the trial was rescheduled. Since the reopening of all Court hearings, the jury was chosen last week and opening statements began this past Monday.
During the course of the initial investigation, conducted by Texas Rangers, an arrest warrant was issued by 87th District Court Judge Deborah Evans in the early hours of November 24, 2017, just hours after the incident occurred. In the original affidavit, the investigators located Black’s driver’s license in a pool of what was later identified as Trooper Allen’s blood.
Also included in the arrest affidavit was a detailed account of how those minutes went for Trooper Allen. With Black’s driver’s license in hand, the defendant exited his vehicle with a rifle and fired multiple shots at Allen, seated in the driver’s seat. While the Trooper was attempting to exit his vehicle, he sustained at least one fatal gunshot wound to the head. Texas Rangers Investigators observed in the photographs of the deceased Trooper that his duty pistol was secured in the hoster with retention stap engaged.
According to the affidavit, Black fled the scene and was later apprehended in Waller County.
Prior to the Thanksgiving Day shooting, Black had been released on bond in Henderson County, after being arrested for assault on a public servant. This prompted the Damon Allen Act, which allows for stronger bond amounts.

Last Thursday, after a three-day presentation by the State, Black’s defense team began presenting their case. detailing PTSD issues from tours in Iraq as well as a thyroid disease. The defense believes the thyroid disease combined with the PTSD could make Black show schizophrenic tendencies.

Jury members are not sequestered, but have been instructed by District Judge Patrick Simmons not to read newspapers, watch the news or participate in any internet searches that pertain to the case.

Trial resumes today and will will likely go into later in the week.


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