Cooks Sentenced to 18 Years for Evading Arrest

On Monday, Keuntrey Cooks, 29, was sentenced to 18 years confinement at the Navarro County Court at Law courtroom for Evading Police with a Vehicle and Prohibited Substance in a Correctional Facility.
According to a press release issued by District Attorney Will Thompson on Monday afternoon, the case began on February 17, 2021 when Corsicana Police officers Kris Waltrowski and Kevin Bailey were dispatched to a reported assault at 1600 E 13th Avenue.
According to reports, CPD Officer Waltrowski activated his emergency lights and siren and pursued the defendant, who fled until he lost control of the car at the intersection of 13th Avenue. and Main Street.
Mr. Cooks then got out of the car and continued to flee on foot, falling several times on the ice until he was caught and arrested in the 100 block of W. 12th Avenue.
The initial assault victim reported that Mr. Cooks had choked her before he fled.
When the defendant was transported to the Navarro County jail, a search revealed Cooks to be in possession of marijuana. Mr. Cooks had previously been sentenced to prison twice for narcotics charges.


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