Hometown Hero Spotlight: Jessica Ballesteros

Jessica Ballasteros – Navarro County District Attorney’s Office Victim’s Assistance Coordinator

As the Navarro County District Attorney’s Victim Assistance Coordinator, Jessica Ballesteros acts as a liaison between the victim and the prosecutor.
Ballesteros stated, “I provide information regarding the process of the criminal case, educate the victims of their rights, provide referrals for resources and additional services.”
She continued, “My goal is to provide the necessary support to the victims of crimes throughout the life of the active case. I am beyond grateful for the collaborative relationships that I have established with local and surrounding resources to facilitate the process for our victims. We work together to have the victims get counseling services, Protective Orders, and Crime Victims Compensation.”
Safety of the Victims.
Safety is key during the course of the active investigation continuing throughout the entire active case. Ballesteros stated, “The safety of the victims is extremely important to us, this is why we collaborate closely with emergency shelter services to provide shelter or even relocate the victims.”
“I am very passionate about my job! It can be challenging at times, but it is also very rewarding to see the burden lifted off a person’s shoulders when they gain justice.”
Bringing Awareness to the Victims
In efforts to implement a more victim-centered approach in the judicial process it is important that the Victims’ Services office brings awareness and education to the community.
Ballesteros continues, “With the immense help of the I.T. Department, for the first time ever we have created a new separate page solely pertaining to Victim Services. Being in the 21st century having this accessible to our crime victims was very exciting!”
She stated, “One of my most inspiring quotes is ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’ – Martin Luther King Jr”.
Our community matters! The voice of our victims’ matter! We are here to help, listen and empower our victims. Emotional support, court accompaniment, and information on legal assistance is also offered to the victims.
Finally, Ballesteros said, “We take pride in doing our part in assisting our community, and ask for your cooperation in seeking justice against those who violate our laws.


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