I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Bands not Brands. You may be asking what exactly does that mean. I will tell you. Most Texas Music artists and bands are independent small businesses. And who doesn’t like to support their favorite small independent business? There are many different ways to support your favorite Texas Music artist and we are going to explore a few ways that you can.
Bands not Brands. There are many people that support clothing brands. Multi-million dollar companies actually make you pay money to wear an article of clothing that markets their business. Imagine that. YOU are paying THEM to do THEIR advertising. What I am getting at is this. Why not take the money that you may be spending on a shirt or a cap advertising for a major company and spend it on a shirt or a cap from your favorite band or artist? That is a band, not a brand.
Where do you find these products? Live shows. The fact is that most Texas Music shows are very affordable to attend and that should leave you with some extra cash to purchase some cool swag. It doesn’t matter if it is just a koozie or a sticker, it is still some support. You will also find that most artist and bands have a dot com that features a store. These stores offer all of their swag and some even offer special edition copies of their music that is autographed or even autographed posters, headshots, or even drum heads. Go figure.
There is another way that I have mentioned here already but let’s talk a little more about it. Live shows. Buying a ticket to a live show or paying a cover at the door of a venue is the best dollar spent and the value of seeing your favorite artist or band is unmatched. Plus, you get the chance to meet other fans and you may even get a chance to support yet another way by joining a fan club. Not all artists have these but some do.
The benefits of a fan club can be very substantial. You may be able to purchase tickets before a show or a tour before the rest of the public, early entry to shows, and even meet and greets. You may also enjoy music releases that fan club members get before the rest of the public and even exclusive releases for fan club members only.
So how does all of this support these artists? I’ll explain. They are a small independent business so it’s all on them. They pay for every aspect of their career. For instance, they pay for their instruments and equipment, studio time, CDs, vinyl, travel expenses, hotels, vans, buses, and on and on. It is not cheap. Plus, if they hire a record promoter to shop their music to radio and online sources, that is a giant expense and they have to do that on a per single basis. And I don’t think that I have to tell you that they still have to pay their own bills like the rest of us. Their cost to do business is very high and it is the fan that finances it all.
It takes a lot of money to be one of these acts as you can see. So, Bands not Brands. If you really want to support your favorite artist or band, there are many ways to do it as I have explained. Get out and support Texas Music any time you get the chance. Oh, and buy them a beer every now and then too.


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