ELVIS Celebrated At The Corsicana Opry

By Kris Smith

Expecting major crowd attendance, the Corsicana Opry opened it’s doors to two of the friendliest Elvis Tribute Artists in Texas.
Kicking off the show was Moses Snow, who began his career at 13, but ‘fell in love with the charisma of Elvis after attending an ‘Elvis’ show at age 11. To see him in the ‘King Creole’ persona, the similarities were uncanny. I’ve personally seen ‘King Creole’ with my mom, aunts, and my grandmother on occasion, and I was not prepared for this.

Like most of my generation, the ‘older’ Elvis was on our mama’s radios, and television screens. Beginning his set with ‘See See Rider’, Al Joslin took this Gen X’er straight back to the cradle. I can remember moments of my own mother dancing and singing ‘See See Rider’ to me and my siblings and even later on to my own children. The night continued with performances of both entertainers on stage tributing ‘The King’.
I have not been ‘Elvis Crazy’ at any part of my life, however leaving The Opry Saturday night,… I am a fan.
If you missed this show, You Tube has plenty of ways to see these talented performers. It is a true testament to the legacy that is ‘Elvis’. I am told The Opry will have them both back.


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One thought on “ELVIS Celebrated At The Corsicana Opry

  1. Janet Stewart Johnson April 26, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    I am glad you are now an ELVIS fan. I was the lady asked you if you was from DAILY SUN and you said NO. Girl these 2 ETAs are the best. Moses is the best young Elvis that I have since. and I have seen a few. Join Moses Snow club. He has 4. Join all 4 that way you will know where he is performing. Hope to see you again. Janet Stewart Johnson.


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