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Bri Bagwell at the Isis

The Downtown Cowtown at the Isis is a jewel of a venue. It opened in Fort Worth in 1914 and ran up 1988. It sat empty and closed since then and in 1921 it came to life as a multipurpose event center featuring a 1920’s cocktail lounge, a movie theater, and performance venue seating 500 people.
It is now one of the brightest corners in the Fort Worth Stockyards and the marquee flashes upcoming artists, movies, and events. The event that we are going to talk about today is happening on June 3rd and that event will feature an artist that will be a perfect match for the theater, Bri Bagwell.
Bri Bagwell has landed 7 #1 singles on the Texas Music charts, multiple Female Vocalist of the Year awards, and 4 albums to her credit with her 5th coming to us as early as August. Before Bri hits the stage in Fort Worth, she will be attending a singer/songwriter retreat in Palestine for several days with Bubba T, Sara Hobbs, Steve Helms and others polishing her craft and exchanging ideas. It is the attention that she pays to her craft that has garnered the attention that she so deserves.
Bri has known since she was a little girl that the stage and the lights was the place that she always knew she would be. Writing poems, singing, and playing guitar were all a part of growing up for Bri and she has continued to grow in every way from day one. The live show proves to anyone in front of her that she is no beginner as the sass and energy that fills the room is there on purpose. Playing at least 150 shows a year as well as private shows, Bri is a seasoned artist that makes you feel welcome at her party.
When Bri is in the room, it has its own energy. You know that vibe has everything to do with the attitude and fun that Bri radiates everywhere she goes. She is genuinely happy that she is there and that you are sharing this experience individually or as part of the crowd. From the hello how are you doing tonight to the thank you so much for coming, you are part of Bri’s plan to entertain you and make you happy that you thought enough to be there and support her and her band. Bri is the real deal.
As I mentioned earlier, Bri has 11 new songs in the wings on her new album that she is calling Cabeza y Corazon. That is Spanish for Head and Heart. Bri is calling this one a real singer/songwriter record with an array of styles to convey her observations and thoughts. Bri says that there will be rock, country, and
even Spanish style offerings on this record and she is looking forward to getting these songs out there moving into the end of summer into the fall. Rachel Loy will be producing this album. She has produced many albums that we enjoy like William Clark Green’s Ringling Road album and many more. Bri said that she had to have her produce this record because she loved the sound and feel of that album and others that Rachel had worked on in the past. Bri’s albums run much like her live shows with that sass and energy that is always present one tune after another.
Bri will be the perfect artist to take the stage at the Downtown Cowtown at the Isis Theater because the attention paid to the venue’s revitalization calls for it. It is this brand that was built for a stage like this, a stage that was dark for over two decades and brought back to life. There is nothing more exciting for those that drove or walked by the theater before the decision was made to bring back it back to life, than to see this reborn. It is an exciting time for everyone that treasures great venues and great music to see this show come to town.
Having seen Bri perform solo and full band many times, I know that this will be an amazing show that will feature a spectrum of hits and favorites of hers and yours. I also know that will laugh, dance, and sing, with that toe tapping all night long. Bri Bagwell will be in Fort Worth on June 3rd at the Downtown Cowtown at the Isis Theater. Make sure to get your tickets for this show and find out what all of the fuss is about with Bri and this amazing venue. It is going to be a night that will stand Cabeza y Carazon above the rest.


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