There’s a New Chief in Dawson

Commissioner PCT 3 Eddie Moore, with Dawson citizens, welcomed a new police chief for the City of Dawson. Chief Scott Sykora began his career with the Wortham Police Department and has served Hubbard, Frost and Italy police departments. Chief Sykora welcomes the community by the office for introductions any time. Photo by Kris Smith

Sykora stated, “I plan to be very involved in the community.” He will serve the citizens of Dawson at least 5 days a week. Chief Sykora has already begun his search for at least two officers to add to his department.


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One thought on “There’s a New Chief in Dawson

  1. Barbara Adler-Kelley June 15, 2022 at 1:43 pm

    We are so excited to have Chief Sykora join us in Dawson. We are a small Texas town who needs the help and guidance that he brings to us.


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