Corsicana City Council Proceeds With Property Tax Cut


At the August 8th meeting, the Corsicana City Council voted unanimously to prepare the 2023 budget using a tax rate that will cut property taxes. This rate is a true tax cut and will collect fewer tax dollars than the previous 3 budgets, including the 2021 budget which specifically included tax cuts to provide relief during the economic uncertainty of the time. Citizens in Corsicana will pay less property tax to the city in 2023 with this rate.

By using the No New Revenue Rate as a guide, the Corsicana City Council is taking the lead in Navarro County for responsible budgeting and property tax relief. This budget provides the resources to continue providing excellent service, as well as invest in additional capital projects to address long term improvements within the city. The council will continue working over the next month to finalize the budget and ensure every dollar is maximized to benefit our city. The final vote to approve the budget and tax cut will be on August 22nd.

Until our state legislators take responsibility and eliminate their broken property tax system, local elected officials must do everything we can to reduce the property tax burden that has plagued our state for decades. This rate is not lip service of “reducing the tax rate” while secretly bringing in more dollars, as Texas Municipal League tries to manipulate elected officials into saying. This rate will reduce the property tax dollars coming out of the pockets of Corsicana taxpayers.

By cutting property taxes while maintaining outstanding city services, Corsicana is prioritizing taxpayers, supporting local businesses, and promoting an attractive environment for new businesses looking to relocate. I encourage all taxing entities in Navarro County to join Corsicana in these goals by cutting property taxes in 2023 and utilizing the No New Revenue Rate to guide the budget process.

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