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Howdy and welcome to the 20th edition of The Dean’s List by Carey Dean. This past week was exciting for things seen and heard, things missed, and hope for the future. I hope that y’all had another great week dealing with this Hellish heat. I’m over already.
Sunday Funday in the Stockyards is always a must with TBone Stearns and the Low Flying Buzzards and we took advantage of it in a big way. Watching this super tight band is always interesting and fun. Acoustic guitar, standup bass, fiddle/mandolin, and drums/trumpet and everybody joins TBone’s baritone voice with harmonies. They play everything from Willie and Waylon, Black Sabbath, The Doobie Brothers, Billy Joe Shaver, and beyond plus their own stellar catalog.
There is always a crowd of locals and a revolving cast of out of towners and newbies enjoying the show that happens every Sunday from 3-6. Perfect afternoon timing to visit Filthy McNasty’s in the Summer because the air conditioning in the place is set on high and it feels incredible.
Our friends D Rock and Holly are there at least one Sunday a month and that always turns things up a notch. D Rock fronts a Texas Metal band called 100 Proof Hatred. The name sounds alarming but I assure you that it has no negative connotations that you think would be attached to such a name as D Rock is one of the most generous guys that I know.
D and I met many years ago at a venue called The Rail Club. The Rail Club is one of DFW’s premiere Metal clubs and they have been a mainstay in presenting the best in local, regional, and national touring acts for many years. You may be asking at this point why I am bringing up The Rail Club in the middle of talking about Sunday Funday at Filthy’s. I’ll tell you why.
D Rock brought Tony Mooney and his girl Heather. Tony is the new owner of The Rail Club. Tony is a former Electronics Technician in the Navy and also educated as he studied Criminal Justice and a giant music fan. Between Tony, D Rock, and myself, there were more beard hairs at our table than anywhere else in the yards. LOL.
D was excited to introduce us because he knows that I have always been a great fan of The Rail Club and the music and people that frequent the place. Tony has some big plans for the venue when it comes to the music presented there in the future. It will be a heavy mix of not only metal, but the best in Texas Music across the board. That is one reason that he showed up at Filthy’s to see TBone and the boys. They are a perfect example of the mixed genre act that Tony wants to put in front of an accepting Rail Club crowd.
I personally can’t wait to see what happens at The Rail Club in the future. I will definitely keep you posted as there will be plenty of artists and shows that will pique your interest. The week rolled on and more music presented itself and one show in particular that we just couldn’t make. Wednesday, last week, my GM at Longhorn Harley-Davidson asked me to be a part of his table at a show that was over an hour and a half away from the house. It was Ward Davis and it was going to be a killer show.
Ward Davis is raw and real from head to toe and I would have loved to have seen this show especially with the boss man giving the invite. The show started at 8pm on Friday night. Ok, I get off at 7pm and it takes me at least 40-45 minutes to get home in the traffic and it would have taken me about 20 minutes to shower at get out of the door. That would put us on the road to the show at 15 minutes after show time. The issue, the show was over an hour and a half away. We Just couldn’t make it work so we bowed out leaving the tickets for someone that would be able to get there and enjoy the show in its entirety. So here is where I knew that I had made a mistake.
I get a text at 10:44pm from Kevin Favier, boss man, and the text reads, “Jinks showed up!” Dammit man. I know that Kevin is a HUGE Jinks fan and I know that that made his night. The next morning at work, he rubbed it in good. LOL. That would’ve been an awesome night seeing Ward Davis and Cody together. Kevin said that at one point that Ward said that he played more Jinks songs in his shows than Jinks did. Jinks and the crowd all had a laugh. Sorry that I missed that one for sure.
Saturday night rolled around and it was out the door for the night and the yards presented itself in true fashion with incredible shows up and down the street. Bo Phillips at the White Elephant, Brad Russel at Filthy’s, and at The Longhorn Saloon, The Randy Brown Show. We spoke to Brad and Bo and as word spread through the yards, we headed to The Longhorn. We got in a couple of dances and refreshed with a couple of Lone Stars and then out of the door to the house. What a fun time.
There is always plenty to see and hear all over the place. You can make some of it but you can’t make it all and that is disappointing. Pick and choose wisely or just throw a dart to pick something. There is always a chance to see something you know and even more chances to see or hear something that you don’t, but make a choice and support live music and the venues that plug that music in for your enjoyment. Next week I will be talking about Cloud Covered Streets and the 2nd benefit for them that will be held in October. The music lineup there is going to be right up your alley. ‘Til next week, Keep it Texas y’all!

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