WWII Veteran Donates SB2C Model To CAF Corsicana

The 23rd annual Commemorative Air Force Corsicana AirSho was presented by the Coyote Squadron on Saturday, October 8 at the Corsicana Municipal Airport. Attendees had the opportunity to closely observe and appreciate some of the WWII combat aircraft, while on static display. The show featured an impressive collection of performers and exhibitions of special aircrafts, including an SB2C from the West Texas Wing, which is the only one flying today in the world. WWII Veteran and member of the CAF Coyote Squadron, Col. Ken Fling, who recently turned 100 years old, meticulously built a replica of the SB2C, which he contributed to be won in a free drawing for Veterans at the event. Winner of the drawing was Charles Liles, being presented with the model by Col. Joe Hill.
Aircraft performances included Trojan Phlyers T-28s, B-25 Devil Dog from Georgetown, C-47 Southern Cross from the Vintage Flying Museum, PT-17 Stearman from the Lone Star Wing, BT-15 Vultee Valiant and Stinson L-5 from the DFW Wing in Lancaster, Randy Henderson of Texas T-Cart Airshows, Aaron Taylor Twisted Texan Stearman, Jeff Shetterly T-6 Radial Rumble Airshos, Japanese Zero replicas from the Tora Sponsor Group, Liberty Jump Team, Falcon Flight Formation team, and O-2 Karen Brinkley’s “Skymaster,” from Grand Prairie, and O-1 from Blake Bosley, both Vietnam era. Also, L-19 Birddog from Palestine and L-19 Birddog from Corsicana, along with the Coyote Squadron’s T-34B, “Candy,” and PT-19, “Pride of Corsicana.”
The Coyote Squadron hosts the annual airshow in order to inform and thrill the public, while keeping alive the memory and the spirit of the men and women who flew these aircraft in America’s defense. For more information, please visit coyotesquadron.org.


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