LEO Spotlight: Richland PD Danielle Lee-Winston

By Kris Smith
Richland PD’s own, Danielle Lee-Winston, has been effectively protecting the citizens of Richland and Angus since 2020. In just this short time, she has worked alongside 3 police chiefs and moved up the ranks to second in command.
With the unwavering support of her husband, Danielle began her education at the Navarro College Police Academy. “After I went to the police academy, I began to see how law enforcement worked. I initially wanted to become a CPS caseworker, but quickly realized that this is what I wanted to do.”
During her training, Lee-Winston was trained by Wortham PD’s own Kelly Craig. Upon graduation, she reserved at Wortham Police Department before accepting a paid position with the Teague Police Department. In 2020, she took the leap to join a newly formed Richland Police Department.
Lee-Winston wants to see RPD continue to be a small town department, but growth is important. She said, “I want Richland PD to be the department everyone wants to work for.”


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