Local Band Reunites in Hubbard

By Cheri Lane
Griffith Switch is a rock country blues band comprised of members, Johnny Lee Cowger, Scottie Payne, Rick Roper, and Dave Slonaker. They will be performing on Saturday, October 22nd, at the Hubbard Civic Center, featuring guest artist, Drew Sedigas, in a reunion of great music, fun, and dancing.
Cowger, the band’s guitarist, has played in bands around Texas since high school. He began with a focus on rock music, but later evolved towards playing more progressive country. After a serious episode of covid last year, Cowger is glad to for the opportunity to continue playing. He stated, “People are starting to get out and enjoy night life and community more.”
At age 58, Cower, now retired, reports, “I’m the baby in the band.” Roper, their bass player, is an airplane pilot. Lead guitar, Slonaker, is a retired Baylor Professor; while drummer, Payne, is a Baylor business graduate. Payne and Sedigas both graduated from Hubbard High School.
Sedigas played drums with Cowger’s band in the 1990s, where they would often play at the Blues Outhouse and the Little Brown Jug restaurant in Malone. Eventually, Sedigas relocated to New Mexico for work.

Kris Smith has been Sedigas’ road manager since 2012. Sedigas is thrilled to be back in Hubbard for a happy reunion with friends and family. “Come out and dance the night away!” Sedigas encouraged, “Come out and dance, and enjoy the night with local music and home town guys.”
The show starts at 7:00 PM at 300 N. Magnolia Avenue. The cost is $10 per adult. Children are free. Expect great home cooked food options at the Hubbard Civic Center. Visit their official facebook page for more information.


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