Lawman Spotlight: DPS Trooper Bill Grauzer

By Kris Smith
A familiar face around the county, Texas DPS Trooper William Grauzer, has proudly served Corsicana and Navarro County since 2010.
Trooper Bill, as he is affectionately called, and his family moved from Michigan to San Antonio, Texas in 1979. After serving in the United States Navy, Grauzer worked as a manager at Whataburger, where he was ultimately recruited to join the Texas DPS Law Enforcement Academy in 2009. Grauzer and his wife Elizabeth relocated to Corsicana in 2010, where he has served Navarro County with that signature smile on his face.
On December 16. 2015, Trooper Grauzer received the Lifesaving Award for his actions during a life-threatening incident in August 2015. While on duty, he responded to a Corsicana house fire and was summoned to assist an injured man at the scene. The man had suffered a deep cut to his right arm, and due to his quick actions, he applied a tourniquet to the injury to help control the bleeding until the patient was able to be flown to a Dallas hospital for emergency surgery.
Retired DPS Trooper and current Navarro County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace John Cabano stated, “What can I say about the one and only Bill “Downtown Groozer” Grauzer? The reason he got the name because they couldn’t say his last name. When Bill got stationed here in Navarro County, he approached me and asked a ton of questions. The one thing I told him was that when you become a trooper you will have to work and prove who you are and what you have.” Judge Cabano recalled, “Don’t just get in your patrol unit and drive to the office. You need to at least stop several vehicles before stopping off at the office.” Cabano continued, “Bill turned out to be a very motivating and well-respected trooper within our community. Folks would tell me that he was very serious during the traffic stops and would always smile and give them a great laugh. So another name for him popped up, “That Smiling Trooper”, again because they couldn’t pronounce his last name.”
Grauzer and his wife, Elizabeth volunteer as civilian chaplains. Judge Cabano also stated, “Bill and his family are 100% believers in Christ. This is what makes him a great role model in our community. He is a Christian friend and a State Trooper that will always have your back when needed.”
Many do not know this, but Trooper Grauzer also serves as Drill Sergeant in the United States Army Reserves


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