Sgt. Matt Phillips Named Brent Thompson Officer of the Year

By Kris Smith

NCSO Deputy Sergeant Matt Phillips was awarded the Brent Thompson Officer of the Year award by Sam and Paulette Thompson on Saturday evening at the 100 Club Fall Banquet.
NCSO Sheriff Elmer Tanner stated, “I am very proud that Sergeant Matt Phillips was recognized as this year’s 100 Club Brent Thompson Officer of the Year Award recipient.”
He continued, “Our correctional officers and communications officers at the NCSO often have to compete for the award against enforcement officers from throughout the county who have investigated cases or made high profile arrests.”
Sheriff Tanner also stated, “These correctional officers are those who operate behind the scenes and are rarely recognized for the important jobs and sacrifices they also make day in and day out. These officers jobs are just as important to public safety as our enforcement officers.”
He also said, “I was proud to nominate Sgt. Matt Phillips and I was very proud that The 100 Club board of directors recognized his value to the community and his volunteered and selfless act garnering this well deserved and prestigious award.
Also honored at the event were the 22 officers who assisted in the multi-department spree murders in February, which also resulted in suicide. CPD Chief of Police Robert Johnson credits all 22 officers from dispatch to patrol instrumental in preventing more deaths in that case.
CPD officers and NCSO Deputies worked seamlessy that night, including CPD Detective Whitney Hawk. Detective Hawk contacted the vehicle’s GPS tracking company and in turn received real time tracking and finally disabled the vehicle. Upon arrival of the location, Corsicana SWAT officers quickly realized the suspect had a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. CPD Swat officer Dr. Matthew Branch administered treatment at the scene until Corsicana Fire Rescue transported the subject to Navarro Regional Hospital , where he later died.
The officers from CPD and NCSO will be presented with tokens at a later date.


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