The 100 Club of Navarro County Hosts Annual Banquet

On Saturday evening, the 100 Club board members honored current members with a dinner at the Cook Education Center.
Event coordinator and Chairperson of the 100 club, Andy Williams stated, “We are very proud to bring back this event to our members. Their support is vital to the law enforcement community of Navarro County.”
The club hosts one annual fundraiser in the spring and runs until the night of the annual banquet.
Last year, coming off the COVID-19 shut down, Chairman Williams elected not to host the event due to the passing of late Navarro County Constable Raychaun Ballard. He stated, “It just didn’t seem to be the right time.” Scholarships and awards were given out at a hot dog luncheon near the Bank of America building in downtown Corsicana.
The 100 Club originated with five members – consisting of Leopold L. Meyer, Ray R. Elliot, R. H. Abercrombie, William A. “Bill” Smith, and Jim “Silver Dollar” West, who understood the need to support families of Houston police officers killed in the line of duty.
After the club was formed, they contacted 100 people to contribute $100 each toward the mission. Almost 70 years later, the 100 Club continues to support all branches of law enforcement in many different communities.
The 100 Club of Navarro County honors the same ideals, keeping in line with the original intentions and goals . Their three-fold mission :
FAMILY–To provide financial assistance to families of peace officers who lose their lives in theline of duty.
EQUIPMENT–To provide life-protecting equipment which cannot be secured through regular channels.
EDUCATION–To provide law enforcement officers with educational and life-preserving training programs.
The 100 Club of Navarro County is currently enrolling new members. The membership fee is the same as in 1953 – $100 annually. All funds raised stay local and support Navarro County law enforcement agencies and their families.


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