From The Publisher’s Desk

Less government, you say?  Utilizing Eminent Domain for recreational use is a blatant government overreach.

Listen, I grew up in Freestone County, swam and fished at Fairfield Lake.  It is a bummer that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department let an opportunity pass them by, but they did have a lease that cost them $0.00 for fifty years. 

Why should we, Texans, stand behind such an overreach when it could be our land next? If you think this is such a rare occurrence and will not be used again, you are out of your mind.  This eminent domain vote, if approved by the Governor, will set a precedent for the future.  A precedent that may just help the state and its legislature effectively ‘steal’ your land, much like the way Native Americans ‘lost’ their land in 1830.

Yes, a state park in Fairfield was nice to have while we had it, but it does NOT pay the sheriff’s deputies, fix the roads across the county, or countless other expenditures that Freestone County must pay to keep it’s citizens comfortable. 

And that money is running out.  Save Fairfield Lake State Park, but who cares about county functionality? Something will have to give, and it will likely be Freestone County.

When you lose your truck in a pot hole on a county road, or need the Sheriff down that same county road, call TPWD instead.

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