Dear Editor:

It appears we are having a problem in Navarro County, Texas deciding if wind and solar farms should get tax abatements on their projects? I have been ask for my opinion, concerning this issue; so I have agreed to reply.
What most of you do not understand is the following comment: “our rural parts of Texas have always been the dumping grounds for dirty industries run out of metroplexes that are already over run with pollution, but we needed those jobs here to survive so we took them.” That is no longer the case in our rural parts of Texas anymore. Generations of Texas land owners are being offered a lot of money to promote clean energy here now and hold on to their farm and ranch lands into the future, by leasing their lands for solar and wind energy production in order to avoid selling their properties to people from other states and counties trying to over take our Texan way of life. You really have to look at tax abatements now as our way to fight off those who will be coming for our lands in the future. The longer a Texan can own their own land, is a day longer us Texans keep control of our Texas land.
Just my opinion as a solid Texas woman.

Vicky Prater

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